Saturday, November 5, 2011

In my defense...

it was during a power outage (yes, I will be milking that for all its worth!)  I mean, we were real troopers for still having people over even though we had no power.  So the fact that we did not take ONE single picture during the whole thing does not make us bad parents, right?  A will have another year.  

I did feel bad after the fact and tried to take a picture of the girls and A's loot.

Unfortunately, by that time they didn't want to take pictures.  On the upside, everyone did have a good time even if I don't have pictures to prove it.  We were all relieved to be able to do something fun even while we were cold.  The playdate (it wasn't fancy enough to call a party) was the highlight of my weekend.  

To make up for the lack of A's birthday, here are some pics from the pumpkin picking.