Friday, November 20, 2009

Finished, but distracted.

I have finished several projects lately, but have failed to blog about them because I have been distracted.  By what, you may ask.  By books.  I get that way sometimes.  What way?  Obsessed.  That way.  I get on reading kicks and except for the absolute musts (like feeding the kids, sewing circle meetings, speaking at least a couple of sentences to the husband) I do nothing but read.  What has trapped me so, you may ask.  I am ashamed to admit it (would love to say Rushdie or Mailer), but the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series from Charlaine Harris.  I really enjoyed them and once I got started I could not stop even though a couple were not that engrossing. 

I think I have an obsession with completion.  I had all eight.  My husband had been so nice and picked them up on his last trip to Germany.  So, even the books that I didn't love like #2 Untot in Dallas (Living Dead in Dallas) propelled me forward and I was just as excited even perhaps more excited to finish and move on to the next one.  Weird, huh?  Oh well, I am done now and if I can show some self control until next year, I will wait until Book 9 comes out in German.  It keeps my vocabulary up to read in German and my conscience about not being productive at bay. 

During this book obsession period, I had put off reading my book club book, Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. When I finally finished with the Sookie Stackhouse books, I had to take a little break from reading and interact with the family (so they would not forget what my face looks like) and finish some sewing projects. I made three of the t-shirt dresses similar to the Halloween dress that I made for Sophia.  I made one out of a tunic t-shirt allowing me to just put one long ruffle on it. 

Then I made the girls matching Christmas dresses with a gingerbread GIRL (Sophia would like me to stress that) theme.  Amelia has not tried hers on yet, but I bet it is going to be...super cute! 

Finally, with a little help from the hubby with the letters, I made this outfit for Amelia.  I started out using a pattern for the pants but then decided they needed a little ruffle on the end.  I did not do the best job since those tiny ruffles are tough, but it still looks...super cute.

So, after a weekend full of sewing and family fun I had one week to read the Symmetry book.  I felt like I was in college again and I had to get ready for a test or something.  It was funny feeling as if I had to get done.  Our book club is not that serious, but I like completing things, as I said before.  Three days later and two days early, I finished the book.  I am looking forward to the meeting tonight so that I can talk with others about what I thought about the book.

These last few weeks have been my first reading kick since Amelia was born.  I had one after Sophia was born that centered around Georgette Heyer.  If you are a Jane Austen fan, then you might appreciate Ms. Heyer as well.  And this brings me to my latest discovery (brought to me by my friend Julie), Goodreads.  I can not truly vouch for the awesomeness of this site yet since I have only played with it a bit, but so far I like it. 

What I like most though are the monthly newsletters with info about two new books.  The first newsletter that I received had info about Niffenegger's Symmetry and Nick Horby's new book Juliet, Naked. Both books that I am/would be extremely interested in reading.  This newsletter made me realize that I am lacking in information about what is being released and what is being talked about.  BS (Before Sophia) I listened to NPR.  I bought Lattes and walked leisurely through Barnes and Nobles.  Remember those days when the train in the kids section was NOT a stop on your Barnes and Nobles tour?  Anyway, I am hoping that Goodreads and my friends on Goodreads will help me find more books that strike a passion in me.  This will lead to, hopefully, fewer reading kicks, but more goodreads.

Here's to hobbies!  May they keep us young and entertained.  May they inspire and excite!   

Friday, November 13, 2009

First steps towards toddlerdom...

Amelia's first steps were not literal. 

First, she turned one.  We had a great time: 

I had a great time making her little outfit and banner. 

Sophia had a great time making cupcakes.  Amelia had a great time wearing the outfit (I'm sure) and eating the cupcake even though she seemed a little confused at first.  As you can tell she seemed to get into after a while. 

Kelsie had a great time helping unwrap the presents.

The second step means that you will not see this picture again even though it is super cute.  Yep, a week after she turned one, her mean parents took away the pacifier.  It has not been super easy, but she is crying coping.

And then finally, today she actually did take her first few free-standing steps.  I don't know why today was the day, but she seemed to rocket herself forward a couple of times.  It was really cute and I was very glad that she decided to do it on carpet!

Go Amelia!