Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple, but pretty

I have been sewing a bit lately. On the downside, it seems like I am sticking with what I know and not expanding my abilities. On the upside, I am trying to make those things prettier!

It has been bags lately. I wanted to make some for the Craft Hope Project 16. I am torn between wanting to make a lot since I am using a simple tote pattern and trying to make even the simple things pretty and unique. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I will never take the time to make the beautiful outfits that are on so many blogs. I have little hope that my kids would even wear them. So instead I will make things that make me happy! I made two totes to send off and sewed on a LOT of buttons to give the bags some heart ;)

Yep, totally in the Valentine's Day mode. I hope those stupid buttons stay on!! I have never quite gotten that part of my machine-sewn buttons down. Maybe I should read all the instructions all the way through. Maybe one day!

After completing those bags, I decided to make another for a friend of S who is having a birthday soon. S conveniently wanted to give her a book and I thought how better to give a book than in a bag!! For this one, I wanted to try something that I had been thinking about for awhile. You know all those ruffles that people have been putting on shirts? Why not make letters out of them! Here is the unfinished bag.

The ruffles were sssssoooo easy to make.  I used the high tension on my machine and it gathered the strips of t-shirt perfectly. I am making the inside and straps so that S can then assemble it herself. She will be so proud!

To end on a downer, I have discovered that I do indeed need to use pins even on these simple rectangular projects :( The bags that I am giving away do not exemplify my best stitching. Thank goodness the seams are hidden inside!!