Sunday, April 19, 2009

A few failures come my way...

Well after the success of the pillowcase dress and the relative ease of the sewing process, I was ready to tackle another one. I wanted to try the smocked sundress from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. By all accounts found in the book and the internet, this was to be an easy-peasy dress. I would get to master shirring (sewing with elastic thread) and get a dress that I was pretty confident that Sophia would like.

After a week of trying and one or two machine jams, I decided to give up. I don't know if it was me or the machine, but one of us did not take to shirring. The machine jamming scared me enough and I was just too afraid of ruining my brand new machine. I just had to accept defeat. It was hard, but 2 weeks later, I am almost over it.

Sew since then I made a couple of book covers and tried to decide on my next attempt. I had decided to just buy an easy dress pattern because I thought the next one in Weekend Sewing was a bit too much. Unfortunately, a huge storm hit on Sat. when I had time to go to Joann's. I ended up staying indoors and indeed trying to just copy one of Sophia's dresses. Here is the end result...

All in all it turned out ok. I had to "fix" some things and it took a while to figure out others. I still haven't mastered the shoulders.

The thing that really got me was the zipper. It was a disaster from forgetting to leave extra material so that I could sew not two, but three seams in the back panel arrghhh to getting frustrated during the installation and doing it my own way.

It is a bit off at the top. aarrrgghhh!

The kicker, but should have been expected, she doesn't even like it. Again, my own fault. I picked her Easter dress to copy because I thought it might be the easiest one. Well, it is also one of her least favorite.

Not to fear, I will try, try again.

This time with a pattern!!! Got'em today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The pillowcase cute

Okay, the first dress...done. It was "just" a pillowcase dress but turned out to be harder than I actually expected. Sophia picked out the fabric and ribbon so let us hope it goes over better than the skirt. (BTW, she loved the ladybug fabric of the skirt loads before it became a skirt.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

For my biggest cheerleader

Ever since I met her, Gina has been my biggest cheerleader (not to mention a brick that keeps me very firmly planted on the ground.) So, for her trouble, I made her a very small appreciation gift. I hope you like it when you finally get it!!

Sophia finally wore and used her new skirt thanks to some coaxing from Eric. Here is the evidence of a short, but sweet time.

Not meant to be...

Well, I finished my first piece of clothing and although it did not turn out perfect (pretty sure nothing ever will), it is pretty cute. Unfortunately, Sophia in her 3 year old way refuses to wear it even though it looked super cute on her. She didn't even try twirling which was one of the main reasons I tried this pattern first: because she LOVES to twirl.

The skirt was made by using the tutorial

I must say the measurements seem a bit off and my skirt is a lot more bunched at the waist. Next time, when I make the skirt for Amelia (before she can talk!!!!), I am going to cut a couple of inches off each piece of the skirt.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Big Firsts

Amelia had her first rice cereal today. She did quite well, eating all of the 1 tbsp that Eric made for her. Unfortunately, like most babies, she found it quite fascinating and wanted to explore with her fingers.
Mama says, "Better Papa than me!!" Sophia even got to try feeding her.

Our happy baby afterwards!

The other first was my first purse! I finished it last night except for the topstiching which I finished up this morning. It is made from the buttercup pattern found at with a few alteration found at

As always, I am quite pleased with myself. The bag is way too small (and unfortunately flimsy) to use everyday, but it might work for NY. I plan on trying another one that is larger and incorporates the alterations talked about above including a zipper (maybe, it would be my first) and interfacing on the upper panels. This one has interfacing in the lining but it doesn't help the outer when a big ol' wallet is thrown in it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some pics of the girls...

As of March 19 or so, Amelia can roll from front to back AND back to front. That means she now spends most of her time on her belly.

Sophia is our photographer. She has taken lots of pics and some are good. It is the only way we get any of Mama, Papa, and Amelia. She is also quite obsessed with swimsuits, leotards, and princesses on those two items hence the swimsuit in March.

The girls. At least they have their eyes open and are smiling!

Hannah's Gift

So my niece Hannah is the latest to get hit with Heather's Sewing Obsession. I don't know if the kids will agree, but I sure think that making something is a whole lot better than running to Target or just getting something off of Amazon.

Here is the Drawing Pad/Pencil Holder inspired by

I now know what she was talking about the fabric "puckering" but it is too late to fix it.
It took me two days to make, let's see how long it takes to ship!