Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Sewing, Just Some Family Pictures

Well, I do have one new project, but I want to send it to its owner first before I post pics. Hopefully, if the pants fit (yikes!) she will send some pictures to post.

In the meantime, here are some family pictures that my friend Dayna from took of us recently.

I love lots of them, but these are some of the best. Next time we will focus on getting Amelia's attention. During the whole 60+ picture photo shoot, the only thing that she was interested in was Jasmine! I think that she is much more a dog lover than Sophia.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The first of many pajama pants...

As you probably know, Melanie, Judy, and I are taking a level two sewing class. This one teaches you different techniques while making a pair of pajama pants or as my family call them floppies or cool pants. We still have one class left and I want to finish my pants in class so that I can learn the "tricks" that our teacher is letting us in on. However, I was projectless after the bean bags, so I went ahead and made Sophia a pair. She picked out the fabric when I got my fabric for class. (Picture by Sophia)

I think they turned out well. Here is Sophia's behind since she wouldn't turn around.

And the question is: will she wear them? Who knows. At this point the point is that I made something that fits, not if she likes them or not. (Look at me developing that tough skin!)
A thank you to my loving husband for shrinking the pattern down to size. He and Gina are next on the floppy list, but he has to pick material out and that might take FOREVER.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A craft for my cutie

So I actually took up sewing to be able to do little things like the bean bags above.
I never thought that I would be able to make clothes especially for myself since I seem to zone in to the mistakes. I could just see myself sitting in a restaurant staring at my hem thinking it looks crooked. That would be such a waste of a time.
I did think, at the beginning of this obsession, that I could and would like to make little things for my kids and their friends. The bean bags were one of my first ideas and the beans have been sitting in the cupboard for months now. They are an end-of-the-year gift for Sophia's class and since the last day of school is TOMORROW I got them done (with Eric's help-He cut out all the letters) today.

Deadlines are sometimes necessary!

The letters are out of different fabrics that I bought for the memory games. I used a small, closely spaced zig-zag to stitch them on. I messed up on a couple, but really, it was not too bad for my first time.

It's like I'm a real seamstress!!

So, here is my first skirt. It is a Simplicity pattern. The pattern is for a circle skirt and a straight skirt. This is obviously the circle skirt made from a linen material.

I think it turned out quite well and have worn it a couple of times. It is comfortable and cool, great for TX weather. It also is long enough and loose enough to be able to play with the kiddos in.

The problems (because there will always be problems) include the zipper and the size. The pattern called for a lapped zipper. I thought I had it until I turned the waist to be sewn. I "lost" the lapping then. The zipper is completely exposed now. I don't think it looks bad, but it could be better.

The second problem is the size. I based my choice on measurements I took in class and found out that these really do need to be taken in either fitted clothing or just underwear. There was at least an inch difference. However, even taking that into consideration, the sizing still seemed on the large size. I ended up cutting at least an inch off on one side and still had to take up at two different locations on the waist. With the t-shirt over it, it is not noticeable, but I hope to get it closer to the right size the next time. There will be a next time since it is such a comfy skirt.

For the next one I want to try to work on the zipper and get a material that I can wash. Hand washing and line drying are just too time consuming.

I also made the straight skirt. It has the same zipper problem but that was due to my cutting the pattern wrong and needing to let out both sides to make room for my hips. I seem to want to err on the larger size so now, I actually need it to be a bit tighter at the waist. I wore it to church yesterday. I was very proud. I haven't got any pictures, but will try to take and post one soon. I should have taken a picture of Melissa and me together since we both got our skirts done. Yay us!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The messenger bag that wore me out!

Well, the year of giving homemade gifts is getting hard already. Eric's godson, Gregor, had his First Communion a couple of weeks ago and I was determined (despite nay saying from Eric) to make him something. I chose a manly-looking messenger bag with a sports theme. I made it in just one week and it actually took the sewing right out of me. After that, I didn't sew anything for about two weeks!
I think it turned out okay. Can you spot the mistake on the front?
The other things that gave me problems were the zipper and the curved front. I tried the front twice and still got the same results. It is fine, but I caught myself pulling the fabric (duck cloth) and I know that I am not suppose to do that.
Gregor seemed to like it. However, I am not going to ask if he uses it! I am just going to assume that it is his favorite bag ever!

On a different note: I am a bit worried about my machine. It is skipping some stitches or just not producing perfectly straight ones. I think I really messed it up with the shirring. I have tried cleaning and replacing the needle. I hope that I do not have to take it to the repairman just three months after I bought it.

Since my two-week sewing hiatus, I have made a smaller version of Hannah's drawing pad and pencil holder and I am currently working on a skirt (with my new sewing partner Melissa, Gregor's mom.) I will post pictures when we are done.

PS-ssshhh...Don't tell my mom about the skirt since I am suppose to be working on her Mother's Day gift. oops