Monday, May 18, 2009

It's like I'm a real seamstress!!

So, here is my first skirt. It is a Simplicity pattern. The pattern is for a circle skirt and a straight skirt. This is obviously the circle skirt made from a linen material.

I think it turned out quite well and have worn it a couple of times. It is comfortable and cool, great for TX weather. It also is long enough and loose enough to be able to play with the kiddos in.

The problems (because there will always be problems) include the zipper and the size. The pattern called for a lapped zipper. I thought I had it until I turned the waist to be sewn. I "lost" the lapping then. The zipper is completely exposed now. I don't think it looks bad, but it could be better.

The second problem is the size. I based my choice on measurements I took in class and found out that these really do need to be taken in either fitted clothing or just underwear. There was at least an inch difference. However, even taking that into consideration, the sizing still seemed on the large size. I ended up cutting at least an inch off on one side and still had to take up at two different locations on the waist. With the t-shirt over it, it is not noticeable, but I hope to get it closer to the right size the next time. There will be a next time since it is such a comfy skirt.

For the next one I want to try to work on the zipper and get a material that I can wash. Hand washing and line drying are just too time consuming.

I also made the straight skirt. It has the same zipper problem but that was due to my cutting the pattern wrong and needing to let out both sides to make room for my hips. I seem to want to err on the larger size so now, I actually need it to be a bit tighter at the waist. I wore it to church yesterday. I was very proud. I haven't got any pictures, but will try to take and post one soon. I should have taken a picture of Melissa and me together since we both got our skirts done. Yay us!

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