Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reverse Applique-I've gone a bit nuts.

It started a while back.  First, I moved my sewing room.  When we moved here I put my sewing room in the basement in the guest room.  I thought it ideal since we only have visitors five or so times a year.  Then I realized that I didn't like the basement.  It is cold and the 1ft x 2ft window really didn't let much light in.

I had been eyeing A's room for a while now. It is small and the perfect size for a sewing room.  Finally, when she went from crib to toddler bed, she and S started talking about sharing a room again.  They were both leaving their lights on or using night lights so I thought, "Why not?"  We moved A into S's room, bought a loft bed, and voila-I got a sewing room upstairs that is well lit and in the middle of the action.  To make myself feel less like I was stealing a 3 year old's room, I put their white table along with all their crayons, markers and pencils in it and call it the craft room.  A knows the real deal though and, although she colors in there ALL the time, calls it the sewing room.

Ever since moving it up, I have been sewing up a storm.  To tell you the truth I had been a bit worried that I had lost the sewing bug.  But, after two months and lots of projects and a real thought about making most of S's summer clothes (A still has so many hand-me-downs that she is covered), I have concluded that sewing is still wonderful!

My newest obsession is with reverse applique.  I mean, 1. I got a serger for Christmas so knits are being used and 2. you can use a straight stitch and not have to worry about zig-zag and catching the edge!  It is perfect.  I first tried it on some $3.50 skirts that I found in Target's clearance area.

It is not too cute, right?  But then I cut it.  If it went horribly wrong, it only cost me $3.50!!

Then I put in the favorite colors and I have a skirt that they love!!

I also had a couple of shirts that the girls love, but are growing out of.  The one below was long-sleeved and not going to last until next winter.  So, I cut off the sleeves, picked the bottom seam open to give it a bit more length, and sergered the ends using the lettuce leaf style.  Not perfect, but only my second try.  The flower on the skirt was made using the rest of the sleeve!!

I also had a shirt in my stash that E made with the sharpie-tie-dye method.  He wanted to join in the fun when we made ours, but was really never going to wear it.  I used his shirt for the outfit below.  (Almost got in trouble since there was only enough for A's outfit. S got just plain white hearts and she wasn't happy!  I tried to explain that her shirt was right and blue so she didn't need tie-dye, but she was still a bit miffed.)

A is into asking to have the same outfit as everyone else.  I wore a black yoga skirt last week and she was all about it for the rest of the week.  As I said before, I really do think that I will sew most of S's summer clothes so when I went to get several t-shirts from Wal-mart this week (has everyone noticed that Target has all but quit selling plain tees?  Or is it just my Target?) I made sure to get black ones.  I ended up making this dress for S (then adding a third sun after the picture.)  

I got S's done on Friday and A would not let me stop sewing on Sat. until hers was done.  I swear the child is a task-master, not to mention a fashionista!!  She requested a tiny sun on hers.

They both wanted to wear them today-Mother's Day!  It turned out perfect.  I didn't intend it, but you can't beat "you are my sunshine" on Mother's Day.  

I don't know how long they will last with so much of the fabric cut up, especially since I cut that third sun on the seam where the shirt and skirt go together.  I hope they make it through the summer!

Next up are some more dresses either all ruffles or a maxi or some with fabric paint (bought some to try the freezer paper stencil).  I also might buy this pattern for little shorts.  I could just make my own, but hope to get a better fit from this one.  Either way, the serger is getting some use and the girls are getting their favorite type of clothes-stretchy, non-itchy ones.

PS-S made a little Mother's Day book at school.  In it, it says, "My mother makes the best ___________" S wrote clothes!  That made my day along with the "Mom, I love you more than..." She wrote, "my blue frog."  Now that is love people!

Happy Mother's Day!!