Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

I don't know what came over me, but I have been sewing up a storm lately.  The saddest thing about that though is that along with sewing I have been trolling the blogosphere and seeing all the wonderful things everyone else has been making.  Usually blogs make me happy, but right now, I feel...lacking.  That is a bummer.  Regardless, I am happy with what I've done.  Here is a breakdown.
1. Something I can't show because it is a gift.  I will post a pic after Christmas.
2. Zippered clutches for teachers.

I tried out my own shape on this one, but need to work on it a bit more.  I wanted the bottom to be even wider than the top.

I got this idea from another blog.  I like the wristlet even though I wonder if it will get caught on things in your purse.  I guess I will have to make myself one to see ;)  I put little Christmas ornaments that we had gotten from a Christmas market in Germany in the pouches to make them a bit more personal.

I liked making these clutches so much and find them to be such a good gift, that I finally went on Etsy and bought a ton of zippers.  I also started putting ribbons on the zippers.  I saw this on other people's work and thought it gave things a pretty look.

3. S has asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, so I have started letting her sew a little on my machine.  Here is her first attempt at curves.

After she had sewn it, she decided it looked like a penguin.  She made me sew on buttons for the eyes, beak, and wings.  I think it looks like one of those ugly dolls, but smartly kept that opinion to myself!!

We have started on a skirt for her too while she was home sick all week, but she tired out after just a few rows of stitches.

4. I have been meaning to make more pj pants for the girls forever!  I just never get around to it even though S still wears the ones I made for her in 2009!! That is what one can do when one just grows up and not out! Anyway, I bought some owl fabric back in Oct. and finally got around to sewing some pants last week.

They needed some major adjustment the next day (she wore them at night even with a bad fit), but after that they are good.  Her sister's on the other hand, still have elastic sticking out of them.  She refuses to try them on to let me get the elastic size or the length.  Little Devil!

5. She did "allow" me to make her a little bag for her princesses though.

Wasn't that nice of her.

6. The last thing that I did this month was a re-fashion for my sister.

That is her in the middle.  She asked if I could make something for her daughter out of a shirt she (my sister) didn't wear anymore, but liked the color of.  I have had the shirt since October and had basically given up hope of making anything before Christmas, when inspiration struck.  I have, as mentioned before, been surfing the web more than normal these past few weeks.  I had the Go To Dress pattern from a while ago.  Then she posted the Circle Pocket Dress. I took the two and made this.

I haven't gotten any little girl to try it on (like I said, S has been sick and I hate for her snotty nose to go into this), so the sleeves are still unfinished.  I am happy though with how I took down the size of the shirt, but kept the collar and the hem of the sleeves.  I hope they are about the right size.

And that my dear friends is all I got.  I must say, I am a bit sewn out now.  Hopefully the New Year will bring more sewing inspiration!

Merry Christmas!