Friday, May 8, 2009

The messenger bag that wore me out!

Well, the year of giving homemade gifts is getting hard already. Eric's godson, Gregor, had his First Communion a couple of weeks ago and I was determined (despite nay saying from Eric) to make him something. I chose a manly-looking messenger bag with a sports theme. I made it in just one week and it actually took the sewing right out of me. After that, I didn't sew anything for about two weeks!
I think it turned out okay. Can you spot the mistake on the front?
The other things that gave me problems were the zipper and the curved front. I tried the front twice and still got the same results. It is fine, but I caught myself pulling the fabric (duck cloth) and I know that I am not suppose to do that.
Gregor seemed to like it. However, I am not going to ask if he uses it! I am just going to assume that it is his favorite bag ever!

On a different note: I am a bit worried about my machine. It is skipping some stitches or just not producing perfectly straight ones. I think I really messed it up with the shirring. I have tried cleaning and replacing the needle. I hope that I do not have to take it to the repairman just three months after I bought it.

Since my two-week sewing hiatus, I have made a smaller version of Hannah's drawing pad and pencil holder and I am currently working on a skirt (with my new sewing partner Melissa, Gregor's mom.) I will post pictures when we are done.

PS-ssshhh...Don't tell my mom about the skirt since I am suppose to be working on her Mother's Day gift. oops

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