Friday, May 22, 2009

The first of many pajama pants...

As you probably know, Melanie, Judy, and I are taking a level two sewing class. This one teaches you different techniques while making a pair of pajama pants or as my family call them floppies or cool pants. We still have one class left and I want to finish my pants in class so that I can learn the "tricks" that our teacher is letting us in on. However, I was projectless after the bean bags, so I went ahead and made Sophia a pair. She picked out the fabric when I got my fabric for class. (Picture by Sophia)

I think they turned out well. Here is Sophia's behind since she wouldn't turn around.

And the question is: will she wear them? Who knows. At this point the point is that I made something that fits, not if she likes them or not. (Look at me developing that tough skin!)
A thank you to my loving husband for shrinking the pattern down to size. He and Gina are next on the floppy list, but he has to pick material out and that might take FOREVER.

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