Sunday, April 19, 2009

A few failures come my way...

Well after the success of the pillowcase dress and the relative ease of the sewing process, I was ready to tackle another one. I wanted to try the smocked sundress from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. By all accounts found in the book and the internet, this was to be an easy-peasy dress. I would get to master shirring (sewing with elastic thread) and get a dress that I was pretty confident that Sophia would like.

After a week of trying and one or two machine jams, I decided to give up. I don't know if it was me or the machine, but one of us did not take to shirring. The machine jamming scared me enough and I was just too afraid of ruining my brand new machine. I just had to accept defeat. It was hard, but 2 weeks later, I am almost over it.

Sew since then I made a couple of book covers and tried to decide on my next attempt. I had decided to just buy an easy dress pattern because I thought the next one in Weekend Sewing was a bit too much. Unfortunately, a huge storm hit on Sat. when I had time to go to Joann's. I ended up staying indoors and indeed trying to just copy one of Sophia's dresses. Here is the end result...

All in all it turned out ok. I had to "fix" some things and it took a while to figure out others. I still haven't mastered the shoulders.

The thing that really got me was the zipper. It was a disaster from forgetting to leave extra material so that I could sew not two, but three seams in the back panel arrghhh to getting frustrated during the installation and doing it my own way.

It is a bit off at the top. aarrrgghhh!

The kicker, but should have been expected, she doesn't even like it. Again, my own fault. I picked her Easter dress to copy because I thought it might be the easiest one. Well, it is also one of her least favorite.

Not to fear, I will try, try again.

This time with a pattern!!! Got'em today.

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