Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Big Firsts

Amelia had her first rice cereal today. She did quite well, eating all of the 1 tbsp that Eric made for her. Unfortunately, like most babies, she found it quite fascinating and wanted to explore with her fingers.
Mama says, "Better Papa than me!!" Sophia even got to try feeding her.

Our happy baby afterwards!

The other first was my first purse! I finished it last night except for the topstiching which I finished up this morning. It is made from the buttercup pattern found at with a few alteration found at

As always, I am quite pleased with myself. The bag is way too small (and unfortunately flimsy) to use everyday, but it might work for NY. I plan on trying another one that is larger and incorporates the alterations talked about above including a zipper (maybe, it would be my first) and interfacing on the upper panels. This one has interfacing in the lining but it doesn't help the outer when a big ol' wallet is thrown in it.

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