Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sewing Bug

So, I started all this because I have started to sew and along with that become CRAFTY. I have always wanted to be crafty, but lacked the creativity. Now with the web, I can just copy. Here is a run down of what I have done so far...

It all started with a class to make a bag.

I tried to control myself, but after I started, I wanted to sew, sew, sew. I wanted to sew Sophia a bag really badly. I ended up doing a lot of shopping at Joann's and on the Internet. The picture below of the office turned sewing room is what came to be.

This is what happens to a room when you let a three year old entertain herself while you try to sew!! I swear, I might be lazy, but not this messy.

During the bag experience, I discovered the Internet and all the cool sites with free patterns, great ideas, and even MOMS that are super crafty and creative. Amazing! I started with this yoga mat bag. I found several and used them all a little, but this one the most:
Here is mine with a bit of embroidery since my machine does it for me.

So after the bags, I wanted to make gifts. I figure, one year of gifts will practically pay for that sewing machine you saw above. (That is IF you disreguard all the things you buy to learn to make the gifts :)

Here are my tries at gifts and let me just say...I am proud of myself! The first crafty things were felt bunnies and a felt bag for Ella. I have no picture, but I found the felt bunnies at

Next, I made the Crayon Roll that I found at Mine was for a 1 year old boy so I left off the ric rac. (Just proud of myself for knowing what ric rac is.)

My second gift, a memory game with bag, was for a 3 year old boy from Sophia's class. I found this at two different websites.

And that is where the story begins! I hope to post more projects with inspiration websites as well as pics of the kids, husband, and dogs!!

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