Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Montage of Events

Life has been passing pretty quickly this week, so here is a quick rundown. Amelia got her first tooth right before vacation. After that and seeing Amelia and Alexis get real food all week, she wants it too. So here is the results of her first spaghetti experience.

We had another sewing circle this week and I must say, I think that we are getting good. It is very inspiring to have creative companions. More on that later.

Finally, we ended the week with a game night with the neighbors and found we have some feisty ones. I learned the word "moe-ron" and that staying up until 2:30AM while KNOWING that you have to take care of kids starting at 7:00AM (If you are lucky. We were not.) is a little moe-ronic. Pretty-pretty Bob was moe-ronic right along with us.

FYI-moe-ronic will not be an accepted word in Bananagrams, so don't even try it!!


  1. YAY for bananagrams! and for real food :o)

  2. Keep away from him, he's mine!