Sunday, February 14, 2010

What should be...

is not always what is.  It should have been like this tent from The Land of Nod.

It looks like this BEFORE the kids play with it (balloons and streamers just before Sophia's birthday party).

Unfortunately, it looks like this afterwards. 

I might have to take it down until the baby realizes that the walls can not support her.

Special thanks to the hubby for helping with the hanging and supporting of the princess castle.  I made it using McCall's 5827.  I modified it a bit so that I could use old curtains which hubby also dyed this nice blue (Sophia's favorite color).  I also used an old Papa San chair cushion.  I think the cushion is the real draw for our Amelia.  Our other princess really did enjoy it and the party.  I, however, did not get much credit.  I mentioned something about me making the castle for her and she informed me that I did not, Santa did.  I know it is wrong, but sometimes I begrudge Santa.  

I did get credit for the princess dress.  It was super simple.  I found the shirt at Target and used the left over castle material for the skirt.  She wears it all the time.  Sometimes, Mama actually gets it right.

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  1. Poor princess castle. I'm sure my daughter had a hand in its destruction. :( You did a GREAT job on it, though!