Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New World

A new world full of jeans that fit.  What a dream.  Well, the dream has come to my home.  Thanks to this tutorial from Freshly Picked (yep, the same wonderful blogger who supplied me with the elastic waist skirt tutorial.)  I had several pairs of jeans that just did not fit.  I had been fortunate enough to lose weight after Amelia turned one (yep, it takes me that long to lose all my baby weight.  yep, I know that I am lucky to lose all my baby weight.) A couple of jeans had been on the big size before pregnancy #2 and one I had bought about 5 months after A was born.  Well, the ones that were already big were really too big.  Finally on Tuesday, as I was taking S to school in the biggest of the big, I had had enough.  I mean, I was showing everything.  I came home, put A to bed and started ripping the seams.  An hour and a half later, I had jeans that I could wear without being embarrassed.  It was amazing.  It was the first time in a long while that I HAD to show someone what I had done. 

Two pairs and several days later, I have realized that this is why I learned to sew.  The joy that comes with being able to produce something tangible is so wonderful.  Yay sewing!!  It doesn't hurt that this is the first time that I got a real financial benefit from it. Jeans are expensive.  The time it takes to find jeans that really fit is also a cost.  With this tutorial, I saved both.  Honestly, it took a lot of time and flashing to get to the point of trying this tutorial.  I am not fearless, but I am happy! 

I wish I would have taken before pictures, but I was too intent on the results.  So, here they are:


  1. That is awesome! Great job!

    Dude... please, please, PLEASE be my best friend and take in my jeans for me. :) I will be your before/after model!!! We can talk payment, of course. But, I seriously need some jeans taken in big time.

  2. looks soooo good, i love finished products.