Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gotta ♥ NJ

It is hard for us and others to believe that we are excited about living in New Jersey.  First, we left really good friends in Texas not to mention  those of our daughters.  We also left the harsh summer months for harsh winter ones.  Then when you start speaking of the cost of living, no one would believe that we are excited to be here, not even us.  However, we are excited and to remind myself of that even on days when things (Verizon internet) frustrates me, I am starting a It is Wednesday and you gotta ♥ NJ post.  Here is the first one.

I gotta love NJ because they have Pretty Pretty Princess Teas at the Y for my 5 year old.  Thank you Y!


  1. How fun!! Wish they had that down here.

  2. Sweet. It's always a good feeling to love where you are...even at first if you don't really believe it. When you start to believe it slowly, it unravels things you'd never see otherwise. Thinking of you all the way from Florida : ) We miss you guys.