Monday, February 14, 2011

It is DONE!!

It’s Done! It’s Done!

Before we moved I was somewhat confident that I could combine our guestroom and my sewing room.  When we got here, however, all my confidence went out the window.  The room was a MESS.  OK, the whole house was a mess and the guestroom was last priority since it really isn’t a living space.  So, each day I would go down and want to do something about the mess, want to sew, but there was no time to clean and no conceivable way to fit the old full bed, dresser, my sewing table, and cutting table in the room. 

Finally, about two weeks ago, we had a breakthrough.  IKEA! Yes, I realize that we are probably contributing to the downfall of the West by buying all this Made in China stuff, but I love IKEA.  It came through again with a daybed that pulls out to create a full bed.  I didn’t want to ask our adult guests to sleep on a trundle that was low to the ground and it was hard to find one that popped up. While we were at IKEA for the 4th time, we saw this bed that pulls out and after you transfer the second mattress over it makes a full bed.  Yay!

Now the room looks like this

and my first sewing project, S’s curtains, is done.  I even made S another dress-up dress out of the material.  There is enough left to make one for A and many of the animals that S has been wanting to clothe.

Before-Trying to keep the curtains away from vent.

Sewing Note-This fabric was tough to work with.  It was hard to cut straight, sew straight, and not pull.  I actually don’t know what it is other than to say that it is gauzy.  It is a miracle that the curtains are similar in length.

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