Friday, March 11, 2011

I might be a bit obsessed!

Or I might be using my new guest/sewing room as a distraction from the fact that I have no friends! Sad, but true.  Either way, the room is getting lots of love.  The latest improvement? Pillowcases for the new daybed.

Here is the bed...

As you can tell from my wonderful addition to the picture, two of the pillows do not have cases.  I didn't want to put just plain old white cases on them and to be honest, I only have one plain white pillow case.  I don't know where it came from or if I am missing one. It doesn't really matter. I thought the bed needed a little pop of color.

I just happened to have these IKEA duvet covers that E and I bought for our TX room.  I never really liked them on the bed, but I thought they would be great pillowcases.

The little embroidered flowers match the quilt perfectly.

It took just about 1.5hours to complete the two cases.  I used a french seam to finish the one inside seam that was left.  Using the duvet cover saved a lot of time in sewing since I just had to sew one side and the top.  However, truing the fabric was a bit of a challenge.  I assume if I had taken the time to iron and lay out the finished cases, I would see just what a poor job I did.  However, I was too excited to see the finished version AND pick up the girls from school.

The finished product...

The finished bed...

Two things were different about sewing here versus in Texas.  1. There is no Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's here so I had to (dun dun duuuun) use brown thread.  I have a lot of colors, but not this maroon.  Bummer.  2.  I don't have any sewing buddies to drag downstairs and see the finished product.  I miss you girls!

Room officially done. Time to go out and make friends...

Well, maybe I will sew some curtains first and then, I can go make friends!


  1. did you make the quilt? Casey

  2. Unfortunately no. I bought it before I ever started sewing and I doubt that I could make such a large quilt even now! Maybe it should be a goal.

  3. You could do it if you set your mind to it. Miss you too! Wish we could make curtains together. I still haven't started mine. :s Melissa