Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gotta ♥ NJ

It is cold here.  Did you know?  I actually like having four seasons.  I like a bit of snow each year. So far, I am not deterred by 50F in April.  I, of course, have not had to endure a full winter.  I have not had to walk my child to school in the snow or freezing rain.  There has not been a power outage, yet.

With that said, I gotta love NJ because it is making me realize the merits of...the beach.  I am not a beach person.  I hate the heat.  I hate the sand.  Not the sand at the beach, but the sand that comes home with you and takes up residence in every crevice of clean clothes, fresh shoes, and crisp bedsheets.  Despite my misgivings, I still joined those who headed to the beach for Spring Break.  I pushed my stroller through Disney World.  I watched sand castle construction and destruction.  I even enjoyed myself.  I am a person who has to see differences to appreciate them.  This Spring Break, after months of snow and cold, I took advantage of the heat of Florida to get out, get the girls out.  I relished many moments knowing that the NJ Spring was awaiting us at home.

The girls with Belle.  Belle and Cinderella were the only characters A would get near.

The girls and I on Dumbo.  This ride was a favorite!
So, I gotta love NJ because it has finally made me appreciate the beach.  I have a lot of friends and some family that can all chorus, "Finally."  It only took 37 years and a NJ winter.


  1. Love the picture of y'all on Dumbo! It was so great seeing you at Disney. Glad you enjoyed your spring break trip. :)

  2. Hey girl! I hope I am as excited about living in Idaho as you are about NJ! Sounds like you are having a great time! Enjoy!

  3. Morgan-I didn't know that you were moving. I hope you love Idaho!!