Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sewing has been going well as life

Amelia gets to go first this time. This is her crawling on the dog pads which seem to be her favorite spots!! Dog hair is just so interesting for babies as are the dogs that shed it.On to the sewing part...Here is the smocked sundress I made for Ella (niece). Sophia got one too but as always she will not wear it. I am so psyched that Sonja (sister) brought me her mechanical Brother. It shirrs and making these dresses is easy and very satisfying especially since I tried for about two weeks earlier and FAILED. ( And now to my most recent success and giddy-moment. These super cute skirts are for the girls to wear on Fourth of July as well as for pictures with Dayna ( The photo session was set for tomorrow so I made the skirts today :) As I said earlier, deadlines are great. Of course that is if you meet them. Today is Father's Day and although I got Eric's cool pants made, I failed to get my own father's present even thought of. Back to the skirts, they are my second attempt at the napkin/bandanna skirt found at

These turned out really well because Sonja (still the sister) got me to decrease the width and so they are a little different from the previous two that I made. I still have no hope for Sophia but she better wear them for the photo shoot. I still have to make the tops (just embellishing t-shirts), but since Dayna rescheduled for Tuesday instead of Monday I have another day, yea!!!

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